Lens correction profiles

If I like a lens and decide to keep it, I usually invest an hour or two to create a set of lens correction profiles for the Photoshop lens correction filter. The profiles are not compatible with Lightroom or CameraRAW. The profiles correct the main errors a lens produces and which change with aperture and focal distance:

The profiles cannot improve resolution, correct spherical or longitudinal chromatic aberration or regain lost information. But correcting the vignetting and lateral CAs actually will give the impression of a sharper, more punchy image. The correction of distortion is often necessary for portraits and architectural shots but may not be desired in others. My lens correction profiles are therefore split:  There is one file per aperture for color adjustments including vignetting and one additional file for all apertures handling geometric adjustments of the image.

As these profiles are – by design – deduced from shots with a fixed distance to the test chart for each focal length, real life pictures might need slightly different settings for the geometric distortion correction.


Download profiles

For the following lenses, profile packages (ZIP) are available:


Install profiles

Unpack the ZIP file and copy the contents to “C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\LensCorrection\1.0\Settings” (on Windows). Then start / restart Photoshop. The profiles are now available under the “Custom” tab in the “Settings” drop-down menu of the Lens Correction Filter.