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Forums & communities

Everything about manual focus lenses on DSLR and EVIL cameras. If someone ever shot a certain vintage lens on a digital camera, you will most likely find a post about it in this forum. (German)

Everything about photography with Minolta and Sony equipment. (German)

General mirrorless forum with a large section for Sony E-mount cameras.

A lot of information about servicing and repairing vintage lenses.

Digital-oriented photography forum with a large equipment section, where threads on vintage tech and lenses are quite common. A lot of professionals and well informed enthusiasts are frequenting DPReview and it’s forums on a regular basis.

The “Minolta Manual Focus Pool” on Flickr. There are a lot of different groups on Flickr, covering Minolta cameras and the most prominent vintage lenses.



Reviews & tests

THE resource on Minolta cameras, lenses and equipment. Not totally comprehensive, but the reviews are great. They even offer the Minolta font! (mostly German)

Extensive information on Minolta SLR body series, assorted cross-sections and gathered forum posts on nearly all Minolta lenses and last but definitely not least: Excellent group tests of all important lenses in the Minolta system on Sony NEX and α cameras with background info. Most of the site is in German. Use Google translate to read it in English.

Nice reviews with shots of test charts and exemplary shots of everyday use for a quite a lot of Minolta lenses on the Sony α7. Phillip Reeve also offers a wonderfully illustrated beginners guide to classic lenses on E-mount cameras.

Reviews of a whole lot of manual Minolta lenses on a Sony full frame camera, including “exotic” ones like the MD 135 mm f/2. The first couple reviews were focused on the last generation (MD-III, also called New MD or N-MD), recent reviews also include older MC lenses. The site features many real-life images and cross-comparisons.

Selective but very good info, especially on all the Minolta RF lenses.

Some nice tests of very rare wide and ultra wide Minolta lenses. (using Wayback Machine, partially Italian)

Short reviews and a table summarizing them for quite a lot of Minolta lenses adapted to Canon EOS.

Resolution figures for nearly 30 Minolta MC and MD lenses from Foto magazine (70s / 80s). The graphs include data for full f-stops up to f/11 and allow some direct comparisons for lenses which were build in multiple versions.

Nice site about the use of vintage lenses in filming with digital cameras.

Hard facts on the legendary Vivitar Series 1 70 – 210 mm f/3.5 zoom lenses. Mark Roberts shoots Pentax, but the info is universal.

Aggregated user reviews of third party lenses with separate ratings for different lens characteristics. Originally for Pentax hardware, but many of the lenses were built with identical specs for Minolta MC / MD, too.



Lens Databases

Probably the one and only comprehensive database of all Minolta lenses on the net. You can either use the database (sadly offline since a couple of months) or the nicer looking index to get the info you need. The site also offers a database of Minolta manuals and coded lens shades.

Ad Dieleman’s comprehensive lens gallery with high quality, professional photos of more than 100 Minolta lenses. Pictures show the lenses from different angles and some even mounted.

A nice overview of many lenses available in the Minolta MC and MD system based on a huge private collection. All lenses depicted with meaningful photos.

The resource for info on Tamron’s versatile Adaptall system, whose lenses can be used natively on Minolta SR cameras with the corresponding Tamron mount adapter.



Service & repair

Matt Bierners Youtube channel with very detailed HD videos of him taking apart various Minolta lenses and commenting on them. Highly recommended.

A lot of information about servicing and repairing vintage lenses.

Backup of a Japanese website with detailed photographs showing how to disassemble a lot of Minolta lenses.

Assortment of various user manuals, service manuals, cross sectional views and some magazine tests for Vivitar Series 1 and Kiron (Kino Precision) lenses. Rare stuff!



Lost & found

A little journey through time: Images of Minolta brochures from the late 70s and early 80s, showing most of the Minolta line-up in the old days.

LensTagger is a plugin for Lightroom by Dirk Essel. It allows you to overwrite the lens info and pretty much everything else in your photo’s metadata (EXIF). Works for JPEGs and RAW/XMP files. LensTagger is based on the command line application ExifTool by Phil Harvey, which is even more powerful itself – but much less comfortable to use.