Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-S & 300-L: Compatibility

Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-SIf you already own some Minolta normal or short tele lenses, the thought to add a tele converter to your line-up might have crossed your mind. If so, you may be interested in my review of the MD 300-S with an MC Rokkor-PG 50 mm f/1.4. Further, you should keep in mind that there are two genuine Minolta converters: The MD 2x 300-S for focal lengths up to 300 mm and the MD 2x 300-L, which is identical to the “2x Converter for (MD) APO Tele Rokkor” and designed for focal lengths of 300 mm and above.

The MD 2x tele converters cannnot be arbitrarily combined with any Minolta lens. Some combinations can lead to mechanical damage and some just result in very poor image quality. The following compatibility table was originally posted to the Minolta Forum (German) by Matthias Paul. He kindly gave me permission to translate and replicate it here.


A short explanation of the codes used in the table below:
[1] The combination works
[2] Image quality not acceptable
[3] Image quality acceptable if stopped down one to two stops
[5] (Strong) vignetting is possible
[4] DO NOT MOUNT – mechanical damage will occur if you try to assemble this combination
[6] Remark, that the MC and MD version of the lens are listed seperately
[7] The combination was originally not listed in the users manual, but has been added in a later version


Minolta MD 2x converter 300-S and 300-L compatibility table

LensFocal lengthMax. ApertureCompatibility 300-SCompatibility 300-L
MD/MC  7.54.0[1][4]
MD/MC  162.8[1][4]
MD/MC  174.0[1][4]
MD      202.8[1][4]
MC      212.8[1][4]
MD/MC  242.8[1][4]
MD/MC  282.0[1][4]
MC      282.5[1][4]
MD/MC  282.8[1][4]
MD/MC  283.5[1][4]
MD/MC  351.8[1][4]
MD/MC  352.8[1][4]
MD      452.0[1][4]
MD      501.2[1][4]
MD/MC  501.4[1][4]
MD/MC  501.7[1][4]
MC      502.0[1][4]
MC      551.7[1][4]
MC      551.9[1][4]
MC      581.2[1][4]
MC      581.4[1][4]
MD/MC  851.7[1][3]
MD      852.0[1][3]
MD/MC  1002.5[1][3]
MD      1352.0[1+7][2+7]
MD/MC  1352.8[1][3]
MD/MC  1353.5[1][3]
MD      2002.8[1][3]
MC      2003.5[1][3]
MD/MC  2004.0[1][1]
MC      2004.5[1][1]
MD      3004.5[1+6][1+6]
MC      3004.5[1+6][1+6]
MD/MC  3005.6[1][1]
MD/MC  4005.6[2][1]
MD      6006.3[2][1]
RF      2505.6[1][3]
RF      5008.0[1][1]
RF      8008.0[3+5][1]
RF      160011[2][1+5]
MD      24-353.5[1+7][4+7]
MD      24-504.0[1][4]
MD      28-853.5-4.5 [1+7][4+7]
MD      35-703.5[1][4]
MD      35-1053.5-4.5 [1+7][3+7]
MD      35-1353.5-4.5 [1+7][2+7]
MC      40-802.8[1][4]
MD      50-1353.5[1][3]
MD      70-2104.0[1+7][3+7]
MD      75-1504.0[1+7][3+7]
MD      75-2004.5[1][3]
MC      80-2004.5[1][4]
MD/MC  100-2005.6[1][3]
MD      100-3005.6[1+7][3+7]
MD/MC  100-5008.0[2][1]
MD/MC24 VFC2.8[1][4]
MD/MC35 ShiftCA2.8[2][4]
MC85 Varisoft2.8[1][3]
MD/MC50 Macro3.5[1][4]
MD/MC100 Macro3.5[1][3]
MD100 Macro4.0[1][3]

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One thought on “Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-S & 300-L: Compatibility

  • Martin Halley

    MD 200mm. f2.8 + 300-L produces unacceptable image quality at all apertures. Table should show [2] for this combination.

    MD 300 f4.5 & 300-L capable of producing excellent images (after careful post processing to eliminate chromatic aberration – Affinity default CA). Best if stopped down to f8. Resolution of <0.20mm at 20 metres.